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The Blue Dragonfly

While I was searching for this bonus page I wanted to create to be found at the end of Peace In The Eye of The Storm and not knowing what this page would be, I also searched words that came to my mind and followed up with definitions and such. Hoping this free fall would somehow come together as one thing led to another. Then a picture of a blue dragonfly showed up. The information I pulled from described the growing process from their eggs laid in the mud and living much of their life inconspicuous under water until maturity.


I found the dragonfly's metamorphoses very interesting. I became captivated and kept reading while searching what other intellects had to say about the dragonfly as well, much of what you can read on this site.  


Then, searching more for photos of dragonflies I came across the life changes of the dragonfly mirroring the spiritual transformation of the believer from babes in Christ to maturity. This maturity is where they are made ready to do the many things a dragonfly is capable of. As Christians, we apply many of these life lessons to our own spiritual,  mental and emotional lives.


We do not believe as some cultures do concerning their pagan rituals, that these and animals of all kinds are capable of becoming our spirit guides. We also do not believe that a dead loved one has reincarnated into a beautiful  creature even a dragonfly that suddenly one day hangs around them. We believe that Jesus Christ who rose from the grave that could not hold Him down, is our Lord and everything we ever could need or want is in Him. The meaning of Lord is multi-fold. Jesus is our Commander, Chief, Teacher and Savior, El Shadai which is more than enough. He said, "I am the way, The Truth, and The Life, meaning not all paths lead to God, for clearly Jesus has made His point: He is the only way not one way of many. 


However, spiritual lessons of life and transformation can most certainly be applied to anyone's life but they are especially a wealth of knowledge for the follower of Jesus Christ and our own spiritual transformation for which the bible defines as, from glory to glory (2Cor. 3:18). Dragonflies are usually found around water, the place of their birth.  

Some interesting facts about the dragonfly that many of us never knew have to do with their flight abilities.

Dragonflies are exceptionally fast-flying insects. Their wings are strong and powerful, allowing them to fly not only forward but also in all other directions at great speeds. Here are some fascinating facts about dragonfly flight:

  1. Speed: Generally speaking, most dragonflies have top speeds somewhere between 18 and 30 miles per hour. Some dragonflies can fly between 30 and 34 miles per hour, and the fastest dragonflies in the world can go even faster than that—up to 36 miles per hour12.

  2. Maneuverability: Dragonflies have two sets of wings. As one set flaps upward, the other flaps downward, allowing them to twist and turn impressively. This flexibility gives them excellent maneuverability, allowing them to dart in various directions and fly at incredible speeds when necessary.

  3. Survival Skills: Their fast flying skills are essential for survival. Dragonflies rely on their speed to capture other fast insects, such as flies and mosquitoes, by sneaking up on them and plucking them out of midair. Additionally, their ability to fly quickly helps them escape from danger, such as insect-eating animals and moving vehicles.

  4. Migration: Some dragonfly species migrate, covering great distances in relatively short amounts of time. These skilled fliers can travel an average of 7.5 miles per day, with some covering as much as 100 miles in a day1.

       Next time you see a dragonfly zipping around, appreciate its                 remarkable flight abilities! 

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