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Christine is a true born again believer ready to confirm and defend the uncompromised Word of God. Her God-given ability garnered from decades in His Presence, finds her hand-fed at the feet of Jesus with no formal bible training. She uncovers gems from the Inspired Word of God packaged between these pages of that something more you crave.


As a long-time hairstylist/salon owner she hopes to make writing Christian Books her full-time ministry with hands-on missionary work reaching souls for Christ. She incorporates the prophetic with relational gifts of communication and understanding. She is a mother and grandmother living her motto that will stretch you with: “Fight mediocrity with a vengeance.” Philippians 3:14 agrees.

Christine Dymek

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Hello and thank you for stopping by


I hope you enjoy the variety of interests you will find on this site. As you can see I am an author, an artist, and a hairstylist - the hairstylist part of me has been winding down for a few years now but still in the loop for I cannot imagine life without the wonderful people I meet.

My goal with this website is to post something new weekly - at least, if not more often. Whether it's another book, booklets or brochures with selective messages whether it be current happenings that I will always relate to biblical similar messages, and anything you'd like to order you can do this directly through. For other items such as art, I have purchasing and delivery options on that page..

My contact info can be found in several places with each of my three identities in this site, under learn more. I can be found on this Blue Dragonfly site and other sites posting often, something of interest. If I don't feel its current and/or biblically inspired, It doesn't get posted.

PEACE in the Eye of the Storm

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